The Township has a 1.25 mil Real Estate Tax for the Township’s general governmental purposes.  Tax bills are mailed directly to the Homeowners.  Before paying your taxes, please check with your mortgage company regarding your escrow account.  If they pay the taxes, you should forward the tax bill to them.  The tax billing and payments are processed by Berkheimer Associates.  Their telephone number is (610) 599-3143.

There is a 1% Earned Income Tax for residents of East Caln Township.  The Chester Tax Collection Committee (CTCC) appointed Keystone Collections Group as the earned income tax collector effective January 1, 2011.  Their telephone number is (724) 978-0300.

The Emergency Services Tax is $1.00 per week and is also collected by Keystone Collections Group. 

Local Tax Collectors

Real Estate Tax

 Earned Income Tax

Local Service Tax (Emergency Services)

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